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Mud Mixer

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The unit is used to make up drilling fluid, to change the density, viscosity, dehydration, acid-base property etc. It is suitable for drilling mud aggravation and preparation from 1,500 meters to 6,000 meters.


Product Description

Mud Mixer

When making up, put the materials of drilling fluid (such as betonies and barite powder) and corresponding chemical additives (such as polymer) into the mixing hopper and then go into the recycling tank through the jet unit. If put them into the mud tank directly, the materials of drilling fluid and chemical additives will be deposited largely or dump together and we can’t obtain diffused and well-proportioned drilling fluid. The mud mixing unit can increase the shear strength of the liquid in the tube, better improve material dispersion, and increase the liquid mixing pressure, to get the material the full cycle and mixing.


Jet Mud Mixer can help the operator maximum efficiency mixing. In the rig site, require the addition of bentonite, polymers, and other powders to achieve the performance of the drilling mud generally, such as hole cleaning drilling mud viscosity, water loss control and the filter cake creation. In applications of large proportion drilling mud, the application of barite potential collision is more important.

Main Technical Specifications of Jet Mud Mixer


Conventional SL (M) Series Mixing device is a single jet mud mixing equipment composed of a horizontal centrifugal pump (sometimes with shear pump, to improve cutting efficiency) and a three-way mixing hopper connected by manifold, valve mounted on a base. Double mixing device with 2 sets centrifugal pump and 2 sets hopper is also available according to the actual needs of users.