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The site had been the sole domain of a large global Mud Company which had been supplying product not only to PT Maxidrill but to the previous drill contractors as well.

Jason Hudson came to do an initial site visit after general discussion of product use and review of current mud costs. He opted not to change the mud chemical composition that were currently in use but to simply replace them with the same SMD products

Once the product was on site and in use the positive effect was immediate. The mud was easy to mix and did not require any extra special equipment. Because it was so easy to mix. the result was less use, of all three products, CX Gel, CX Trol, and CHP. There was no negative impact on core presentation or core loss and borehole stability was actually improved by using the SMD Products.

Subsequently, we are now using only SMD Products and our mud costs per meter have been reduced by at least 38%, which is a massive saving to both us and our Client. Any future Diamond Drilling works performed by PT Maxidrill Indonesia will now be in conjunction with SMD Products